Joyce Farms® Poulet Rouge Fermier® Heritage Chicken

Genetics matter in the meat industry, and Joyce Farms applied this principle to chicken. The Poulet Rouge™ bird derives from European breed known in France and Belgium as the finest and most flavorful chicken available. They grow slowly, over 12 weeks, to develop a flavor like no other. Commodity birds in the United States, on the other hand, grow to full-size in about 4 to 6 weeks. The Poulet Rouge™ birds are raised with access to pasture, grown in temperature-regulated barns, and are ABF and hormone free. They are also air-chilled to preserve that exceptional flavor.

Joyce Farms® Naked Chicken

From birth to box, this Naked Chicken has never been administered antibiotics and growth hormones.  They are fed an all-vegetarian diet, and they have not been exposed to pesticides or preservatives. They are also raised in low-stress environments and temperature-regulated barns, which translates to a better tasting chicken.

Joyce Farms® Heritage Black Turkey

One of the only heritage turkeys available in the country, they are raised on pasture and forage. Simply put, they are the best-tasting turkeys for your holiday feast.